Wrinkles is an old orange mouse who is always seen with his trademark red cane. Despite having a weak sight, he's never seen wearing glasses, and he'll always reject if he's offered to wear them. As a result, he can easily mistake an object or character as something else. His buckteeth can't be seen unless his mouth is open.

Wrinkles is known for being cranky. He even ended up having very few friends because of his behavior. But somehow, he seems to be friendly towards Lifty and Shifty for unknown reasons. He even leaves his home often just to visit those two.

Apart from his cranky behavior, Wrinkles also likes pranks. Obviously, only the good ones will make him smile. He also tends to be competitive in contests of any kind, despite his age.

Since Wrinkles is physically weak, he tends to suffer from injuries more than deaths. His deaths might involve getting poisoned, sliced in half, or being eaten.


Starring RolesEdit

  1. TBA

Featuring RolesEdit

  1. Cuddles The General


  1. Lumpy's Odyssey


  1. In Simpsons episodes, he takes place of Jasper.