Cuddles is a yellow rabbit who is dangerously mischievous and self centered, which often leads to both his death and other characters' deaths. On the other hand, he is mostly friendly and caring, making his personality more complex than the others. Sometimes he can be mischievous, like in A to Zoo. He is best friends with Toothy and has a romantic relationship with Giggles.


  1. Cuddles the Rabbit Gets the Boid
  2. A Corny Concerto
  3. Little Red Riding Rabbit
  4. The Old Grey Hare
  5. Disco-Able Kitty (cameo)
  6. Baseball Cuddles
  7. The Big Snooze
  8. Hair-Raising Hare
  9. Rhapsody Rabbit
  10. Gorilla My Dreams
  11. Rabbit Hood
  12. Rabbit of Seville
  13. Rabbit Every Monday
  14. The Hasty Hare
  15. Operation: Rabbit
  16. Devil May Hare
  17. This is a Life?
  18. Ali Baba Bunny
  19. The Beavercist (cameo)