Cheesy is a yellow mouse with unexplainable holes through his ears, making them look like swiss cheese. He also wears a cheddar-colored vest with holes. Heck, even his teeth have holes.

Cheesy also has a crooked tail and whiskers. He has a lazy eye, which is quite similar to Nutty's lazy eye.

As his name, appearance, and clothing suggest, is addicted to cheese. His menu varies to all cheese types including cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, and all the way to port salut. But if there is any kind of cheese that Cheesy enjoys more, it would be Nacho Cheese. He will stop at nothing to get at that melt-in-your-mouth dairy food.

Cheesy's eccentric personality causes socialization with him to be very rare. He can maintain a normal attitude unless he is trying to get cheese. He is obsessed with cheese, and this usually leads to his death or the death of others. Not surprisingly, most of his deaths involve cheese.